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Pioneer and world leader of the sleeve concept, Sleever International is a total packaging company

An unrelenting quest for Innovation and industrial rigor are behind Sleever International thirty-five years of growth, enabling the company to raise the sleeve concept - thermo-shrink plastic label - to the rank of a major technology. Founder of the concept and owner of SLEEVER® brand name, the company has constantly nurtured this technology through a spectrum of expertise from chemicals and engineering to transformation and service. As a result the sleeve now represents a solution which has convinced the most demanding pharmaceutical, perfume, cosmetics, food and homecare brands.

Providing worldwide solutions

By constantly enriching its scope of service to packing, labelling, customization, tamper-evident seals, Sales promotion and traceability, Sleever International leads the market with innovative high added value solutions.

Global thinking and tailor-made operations

SLEEVER® System guarantees our accurate analysis of marketing, technical and economic issues. It is the direct product of our extensive experience of sleeve technology backed up by dedicated divisions. Sleever International is a total packaging company.