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PLGA Global Award for 'Excellence in Printing'

End of February, PLGA Global has awarded Sleever International for its 'Excellence in Printing' on the Thierry Mugler's collector on Suze (a brand of Pernod).

The Packaging and Label Gravure Association Global (PLGA Global) is the leading packaging, label, and product printing/converting educational association for promoting the gravure printing process and educating its target audiences. It is a printer/converter run organization providing the printer/converter as well as the packaging, label and product buyer/user with information on the latest technology and operating systems available to improve pre-press and pressroom efficiency and product quality.

Today, PLGA Global has more than 120 converter and supplier members.

The jury particulary appreciated the design of the collector and its impact thanks to the 'Excellence in Printing', using a helio engraving technology with 10 colours and a mirror effect on the brand name.