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Turbo-powered launch for Reckitt

Leader of the automatic dishwasher product market, Reckitt Benckiser confirms its domination with a totally innovative launch: Turbo Dry, a 2-in-1 rinse agent that speeds up the drying of dishes.

Reckitt Benckiser’s marketing teams developed a universal packaging concept, in seven languages, whose symbolism can be understood in all European countries. The bottle features an elliptical base that evolves into a tronconic form half-way up, with, at the summit, a disk each of whose sides is decorated with a raised pattern that evokes the blades of the water spray.

To enhance this unusual shape, Reckitt Benckiser’s marketing teams chose a Sleever International decorative solution that alone could satisfy all the complex aspects of this project requiring a customized 360° decor of the blue bottle.