As a leading provider of sleeving technologies, Innovation is a state of mind at Sleever.
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A full range of equipment for sleeve conversions backed up by a full range of services.
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More than 35 years of experience, a worldwide implantation, and our quality assurance standards allow us to lead the shrink sleeve markets
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Labelling solutions

For decoration, information, protection and promotion

Since the early 1970s when it brought out a new concept of heat shrink plastic tube label, the shrink sleeves, Sleever International revolutionised with Sleever®, the world of packaging decoration and protection. In a single 3-dimensionnal product it combined four functions – decoration, information, protection and promotion, in answer to the needs of the food, perfume, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and household cleaning markets. Some thirty-five years later, the group continues to apply the concept, adding state-of-the-art features to create new applications such as Tamper proofing, authentication, Track and Trace, versatility, anti-theft, customisation, etc.

Sleever® - a concept with unrivalled potential

Enabling distinctive shapes to be used, and using an outstanding range of print and surface effects, Sleever quickly and easily helps to stimulate the purchase impulse. Although sleeving is a different kind of decoration, Sleever nonetheless maintains and enhances a brand or range’s graphic identity, the key to brand awareness.

A highly competitive technique (it does away with over-packaging), cost-effective for short runs and of irreproachable quality, Sleever benefits the entire logistics chain because of its effective protection. Consumer information, a legal requirement, can now be applied over a 360° communication surface. Using these basic functions, Sleever can transform your product with its unique, innovative and continuous decorating solution.

Applications that meet market needs

Apart from its integral functions, Sleever can also be adapted to the specific needs of each of its markets. Seeldrink®, designed for liquid food goods in glass and PET bottles, meets the specific needs related to filling processes (aseptic, ultra-clean, pasteurisation, etc.), containers (shock resistance on the line, during transport) and high speed production lines. Notisleeve is another example, created for the pharmaceutical industry in the form of a Sleever which features a repositionnable multi-page leaflet label, an original, practical and competitive alternative to cartons.

Two bespoke divisions

To assist you in the choice and implementation of your Sleever solution, wherever you are in the world, Sleever International group has two divisions which specialise in product decoration: Sleever-Labels, international experts in the conversion of heat shrink films, and Unisleeve, specialists in mass market project management for the food, toiletries/beauty care and household cleaning goods sectors. Both divisions deal with over 550 individual projects a year in all the markets where the Sleever International group is active.


  • November 07, 2019 - A Technology Excellence Award for Sleever International's LDPET®
  • November 07, 2019 - A Technology Excellence Award for Sleever International's LDPET®

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Pentawards rewards Sleever International for its realisation on Piper Heidsieck Rosé Sauvage collectible.
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