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3 Bottled Water World Design Awards

In September 2005, Icelandic water received two Bottled Water Design Awards at the Global Bottled Water Congress in Dubai, for “best overall concept” and “best label”, while Blu, the sparkling water from the Oasis Water Company received the best “PET Bottle design award”. These 3 awards have ... View more

Price Embanews Brazil

In March 2005, Sleever International received two packaging prices from Embanews in Brazil for Nestlé yogurt and for Donna’s Beer. View more


In April 2005, Sleever International got two FEDES awards from FEDES, the European Flexible Packaging Federation, for Kronenbourg Punch and for the Perrier bottle. View more

Price ABRE (Brazilian Packaging Association)

In July 2005, Sleever International received an award from the Brazilian Packaging Association ABRE for its sleeve for Turmalin coffee. View more

StarPack Award

In August 2005, Sleever International received a StarPack Award in the UK for the Hellmans range it produces for Unilever. Starpack award View more

Pro Helio : 2 awards – 1 Prestige & 1 Super Prestige

In October 2005, Sleever International received the highest award (Super Prestige) from the French Photogravure association Pro Hélio for the quality of the printing on its sleeve for the bottle used for the exotic fruit drink Oasis Top Doo, as well as a Prestige award for its special edition ... View more

Oscar de l’Emballage

One of the most recent was a victory in the French Packaging Awards (Oscar de l’Emballage) in the material category for its TPE-G film, praised by the jury for the way it makes possible the valorisation of PET bottles. The material is already being used by Coca-Cola for its Aquarius sports ... View more

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