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Wyborowa vodka gets all dolled up

Throwing out traditional clichés

The initial objective involved covering the conventional look of this 70cl bottle to turn it into an eye-catching collectible. In the words of Adam Rosen, brand manager, "vodka is more in the limelight and more of a vector than any other spirit, which is why design is so much more important than in other segments."

The brand was determined to break new ground, opting for a multicolored lightning-effect explosion of gold and silver on a bright pink background, the work of Transgrey. This feat of heliogravure printing also features a fine transparent window which runs from top to toe making it possible to see how much is left in the bottle.

State-of-the-art printing

This masterpiece is indicative of the expertise of Sleever-Studio and Sleever-Labels in terms of technical know-how and the ability to faithfully reproduce thousands of copies of the original design. "When Ricard showed us the artwork of the Wyborowa collectible bottle, thinks back Christian Schmeltz, head of Sleever Studio, we knew we would have to go to the very limits of our technological know-how to satisfy their requirements.

Our ability to accurately reproduce colors and design, to a tolerance of under 2/10ths millimeter, enabled us to successfully meet this challenge." The sleeve was printed using a 10-color, including gold and silver inks, heliogravure process on mono-oriented PET film designed specifically for POWERSTEAM® shrinking. As a result the sleeve earned itself the Prestige Pro Helio 2005 awarded by European trade experts.


The Wyborowa experience also presented Sleever International with a second challenge which entailed masking the printing and relief of the bottles imported from Poland. To meet this tall order, Sleever International turned to its ground-breaking new opaque LOGISLEEVE®, designed to prepare the shape on which the design is positioned.

This delicate operation was entrusted to our contract decorating division, Decosleeve®, using steam shrink Sleever Machines®. From the original artwork to delivery to wine stores, the whole project lasted less than three months thanks to the group's "system" approach. This limited edition intended for the selective market is a perfect illustration of the collectible concept: adding a festive sparkle to a daily product for a select target.