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Pioneer and leader of the shrink sleeve label solution, Sleever International is a distinguished packaging Supplier

Experts in plastic label manufacturing for more than 45 years and packaging specialist, Sleever has continuously innovated in the Heat-Shrink Sleeve Label process, to make it a major packaging technology.


Founder of the concept and owner of SLEEVER® brand name, the company masters all the steps of the shrink sleeve process: a shrink sleeve label supplier, Sleever’s expertise goes from film formulation to printing, transformation, engineering to contract manufacturing and services.


The expert in sleeve packaging solutions and labeling machines

Sleever leads the market with innovative high added value labeling solutions, offering multiple packaging solutions packaging solutions to brands: decoration, customization, tamper-evident seals, sales promotion, information and traceability..


Sleveer continuously innovates to offer new and more sustainable products, new functionalities to the most demanding markets: pharmaceutical, perfume, cosmetics, food and homecare brands.


A complete and tailored shrink sleeve packaging solution

Our accurate analysis of marketing, technical and economic issues of every project allows us to offer an ideal and unique solution.


Our complete System offer provides all types of containers with a wide range of Cost-Effective Equipments, including labeling modules and shrinking tunnels.


We offer our global technological expertise as a major success factor to our customers, for their projects and packaging designs. .