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Sleever produces the ideal solution for Cadbury's new gum

A breach in innovation

Sleever International has provided the ideal labelling answer for a new Cadbury product which is set to revolutionise the chewing gum market. Schweppes chewing gum brands, Hollywood in France, Trident in Spain and Stimorol in Northern Europe have been introduced in an innovative new spherical pack which will contain 70 pieces of chewing gum, instead of the 10 or 20 currently offered in conventional chewing gum packs.

"The idea of the new pack is to create a new pattern of gum consumption," explains Fabien Guyot, Packaging Development and VO Manager at Cadbury Schweppes EMEA S&T Gum and Mints Division. "Rather than carry the pack with them, people will leave one at home, in the office, or in the car, creating points in their daily routine at which they can enjoy the pleasure of chewing gum."

The product is designed to tap into the fast moving growth in the gum market, which saw sales up by 16 percent in the first eight months of 2006.

A tailor made Sleevercap solution

"We chose the spherical form for the new pack at an early stage," he says "It made a sleeve the obvious choice. It provides visible evidence to the consumer that the product has not been tampered with in any way and it is the ideal medium for providing full on-pack information."

"We chose Sleever International because of its reputation in the market for sleeves and sleeving equipment," he says. "Sleever International responded perfectly to our need for a company which could work with us throughout the development process and give us the confidence that we were working with a supplier able to deliver technical possibilities and provide tamper evident packs."

Sleever System offers expertise in every part of the process

Fabien Guyot notices the level of co-operation achieved between the two companies during the course of the new product's development. "Sleever was very much integrated into the development process," he says. “That meant we could take full advantage of their expertise and of the Sleever System.

"Sleever International's own studio (Sleever Studio) was able to guarantee that the design could be carried over from the flat drawings to the spherical pack without any distortion or loss of detail," he says.

"The new sleeve for Cadbury's Hollywood gum presented us with an interesting set of technical problems," says Eric Masson, Sleever International's European Sales Director. "We chose our advanced SI-OPS-TF / 060 sleeving film with its excellent anti-tear properties to ensure the greatest possible safety for the product."

"SI-OPS-TF / 060 can take the micro perforations which we used to make sure the product can be opened easily while ensuring that it remains clean," he says. "The film can be shrunk onto the pack using an ultra-violet system, rather than steam, which ensures that there is no chance whatsoever of any damage to the product during the packaging process."