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Mineral Water, champion of the food industry

A genuine phenomenon that looks set to continue, the global consumption of bottled mineral water is increasing by an average of 10% per year.

This market, the most dynamic in the food industry, currently represents an annual consumption of 97 billion litres. Europe, with France, Italy, and Germany leading the way, is the leading consumer (50% of global volume), followed by the United States (20%). However Asia and the Pacific are high potential sectors with annual growth rates of 15%. The worldwide appeal of bottled waters is based on two premises: consumers perceive bottled water as safer and better to drink both in terms of taste and for health reasons.

A changing market

Of late, the traditional brand leaders in this sector have been forced to cede market share to supermarket and discount brands in all segments, including the heavily targeted flavoured water sector.

The market is split into two as a result of this economic onslaught; Premium brands (such as Voss and Icelandic) at the top end of the scale are holding out better against this challenge thanks to the strong health argument that their mineral components provide. Those outside this segment are now feeling the heat.

In light of this new shift in market dynamics, the leading water brands are rethinking their strategies.

New products are being launched (Badoit rouge, Eau de Perrier) in an effort to reach to new customers and raise visibility. In the flavoured waters sector, these companies have a head start thanks to the use of imaginative flavours and lower sugar contents to appeal to the young adult market.

The crucial role of packaging

The success of these strategic developments is founded on packaging redesigns, intended to underline each brand's identity. Innovations such as changing from glass bottles to PET which is lighter and unbreakable; a wider choice of sizes (50 and 75cl for the on-the-go snack market to maxi 2 and 5l formats); different shapes and colours; graphics which echo the flavoured water sector and a more funky, fun-loving image for children's formats are just some of the major trends. All of these have to be achieved without forgetting the all-important recycling and environmental issues which continue to preoccupy consumers and brand owners alike.

To satisfy the new packaging objectives of the bottled water market, Sleever International has created a range of targeted solutions which combine shelf impact, collectability, consumer safety, easy opening, physical protection, traceability and manufacturing optimisation. These are concepts which have convinced established market leaders such as Perrier, Solan de Cabras, Levissima (Nestlé Waters) and Icelandic Water to work with us.

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