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Perfumes : A mythical yet mature market

Perfume, the flagship product of the profitable worldwide CTP (Cosmetics, Toiletries and Perfumery) market estimated at 115 billion euros, only ranks fourth in this sector with 15% of the market, after hair care, toiletries (25% each) and skin care (23%). Driven by the demands of developing markets such as Eastern Europe and Russia in particular, Asia (with the exception of China where perfume isn't worn) Latin America and the Middle East, the market remains largely dominated by North America and Europe.

The latter are both demanding and mature markets where it is estimated 7 out of 10 women wear perfume, but are also showing signs of stagnation. Brands are forced to deploy a wealth of talent and creativity to satisfy consumers constantly searching for new products and to find ways of winning over new targets such as younger consumers and men.

Kindling desire

To attract the attention of their target markets, Perfume manufacturers have surprised, astonished, and even disturbed their audience to avoid blending into the background of some 450 fragrance launches per year over the last ten years. This sector has to be constantly inventive in terms of scent, packaging, marketing approach and retail outlets. It also has to be more exclusive to maintain the mystique all successful perfumes have to achieve.

Consumers are eager for more personal scents, more sophisticated packaging, more surprising launches, more elegant icons and more exclusive retail networks. Only those which combine all these factors will achieve the goal of rising from the ranks of the best-sellers to become a classic, a perfume which acquires that much sought-after but elusive timeless quality and a unique sense of "Je ne sais quoi..."

Packaging at the service of a dream

Exceptional products demand exceptional packaging. In the field of perfume, the bottle's personality is just as significant as that of the fragrance. Rare materials, designer presentation, sophisticated ranges - nothing is left to chance in the quest to tease the senses and create the illusion. Limited editions and vintage versions also play a significant role in enabling timeless scents to constantly renew their image and acquire new devotees.

In a bid to meet the demanding requirements of the perfume sector for quality of decoration, precision, sophistication, special effects, tamper-evident features and optimised packaging, Sleever International has developed a range of individual solutions which have proved their worth to prestigious names such as Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Estée Lauder, Issey Miyake and Jean Paul Gaultier to name but a few. Any more would be name dropping...

Source AFII, Colipa Statistics Working Group