A full range of equipment for sleeve conversions backed up by a full range of services.
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More than 35 years of experience, a worldwide implantation, and our quality assurance standards allow us to lead the shrink sleeve markets
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Mono-oriented shrink films

35 years of formulation expertise

Film Formulation, the first component of the Sleever System, is the province of Sleever Technologies which develops, adapts and produces a range of mono-oriented heat shrink films whose intrinsic properties form the basis of Sleever® and its many applications. A commitment to R&D (30% of group turnover), forms the spearhead and driving force of the group’s industrial set-up, enabling Sleever International to anticipate today the Sleever of tomorrow.

At the cutting edge of mono-oriented film technology, this world-class division employs a team of 200 engineers and technicians, some fifteen of whom are committed to research and development of the latest generation of polymer applications within a key manufacturing facility that is unique.

Over 50 exclusive formulation-materials

At its production site located in south-west France, Sleever Technologies develops the physical-chemical and mechanical characteristics of thermoplastic polymer formulations. For each of these the division adapts the elasticity, shrink curve, softening point, transparency, thickness (± 3 microns) and mechanical resistance to create the performance level required.

Among the most sought after characteristics are surface aspect, barrier properties (UV, O2, CO2…), special effects (holograms, soft touch), resistance qualities (shock, thermal effect, humidity) and recyclability. Over 50 exclusive formulations are currently available to create the Sleever range of solutions that can be adapted to your project.

A specific nomenclature

The films are classified according to a nomenclature that immediately identifies their origin (PVC, PET, OPS, OPP, TPE-G, TPE-S) and specific properties (thickness, resistance to pasteurisation, sterilisation, UV barrier, high transparency…). Sleever Technologies offers you the exceptional properties of these materials and guides you in selecting the most appropriate film to create your most ambitious projects, as proven by the billions of products enhanced worldwide by these high performance materials.


  • November 07, 2019 - A Technology Excellence Award for Sleever International's LDPET®
  • November 07, 2019 - A Technology Excellence Award for Sleever International's LDPET®

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At Sleever International, our commitment to the environment is a daily goal !
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Pentawards rewards Sleever International for its realisation on Piper Heidsieck Rosé Sauvage collectible.
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