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Betadine acquires a European dimension

Since 1998, the Sarget Laboratory (today Meda) at Mérignac has been the European production site for Betadine, a leading medical disinfectant for hospital and home use. Because of this versatility, the group wanted to introduce a new packaging range which would cover the entire market without compromising the information requirements of individual market sectors.

Efficient management of an entire range

Refocusing the manufacturing process is essential to rationalizing a product range. Designed in four standard colours to reflect the 4 specific formulations - gynaecology, dermatology, germicides and a foaming solution, Betadine's packaging is also able to comply with the legal requirements relating to customer and supplier information required in each country. Logistical imperatives are at the heart of the packaging issue.

The flexibility of SLEEVER® provided Sarget with an optimal solution combined with the guarantee of maximum safety so crucial to all pharmaceutical processes.

Modernity in NOTIPLUS®

Sleever International designed a full packaging range, including NOTIPLUS® for some markets, with a repositionable multi-sheet notice concept directly integrated into SLEEVER® which eliminates the need for a carton.

Thanks to its 360° printing surface, SLEEVER® can easily accommodate all the legal and sales information in every European language, as well as the Health Service sticker in France, while retaining the product's colour codes. To adapt to the various differences in diameter of flexible bottles and to withstand their "squeeze" effect, the group recommended using a 50µm mono-oriented film with a low softening point and the group's unique SKINNER® process.

NOTIPLUS® is applied at a rate of 15,000/hour by PHARMASLEEVE® machine which meets GMP standards, is specifically designed for pharmaceutical applications, and whose multi-purpose function makes stock control much more manageable.

As a result, the famous disinfectant has successfully expanded to become a pan-European product, and in August 2005 the iodine-based disinfectant was acquired by Swedish based Meda-Group, which has continued to place its trust in Sleever International.