What are the basic figures of Sleever International ?

The basic figures are :

  • Annual sales of Euro 150 million

  • 750 employees

  • 10 production sites

  • International business scope (Europe, North America, South America, Asia)

  • Business units structure (Brazil, Canada, France, Poland, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom)

  • State-of-the-art information systems network

  • Over 550 projects per year
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    When was created Sleever International ?

    Sleever International® was created in 1973. An unrelenting quest for innovation and industrial rigor are behind Sleever International thirty five years of growth, enabling the company to raise the sleeve concept "thermo-shrink plastic label" to the status of a leading technology. Founder of the concept and owner of SLEEVER® brand name, the company has constantly nurtured this technology by applying expertise from chemicals and engineering to transformation and service. Top

    What is Sleever International charter ?

    SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL Charter is a System efficiency assurance for lasting compliance with the specification and operation procedures designed for and with the customer. Top

    What is contract packing ?

    Contract Packing consists in packing operations that consists in regrouping products in the same packaging, for promotion operations. Top

    Wich method uses Sleever to analyse a project ?

    The evaluative method is SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL original method for the analysis of each case of application investigated for a definite customer ; it provides all operational data for appropriate offer quotations on technical, marketing and economic criteria. The evaluative method is based on very specific implements such as the "positioning star", the "interview guide-book", the "book of specifications" and various software programs. Top

    Should the shape of the product affect the packaging design ?

    No, thanks to the morphing. Graphic adaptation of basic document for an application to containers of sophisticated shape so that undistorted decor can be obtained after shrinkage. Top

    What is the function of a Packaging Engineer ?

    The Packaging Engineer has the responsibility of advising the Project Manager for setting up sleeve specifications that answer the customer's packaging mix issues, i.e. appropriate marketing and technical specifications of SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL product to be manufactured. Top

    Who is the prescriptor ?

    The "prescriptor" is the operational partner, within the customer's structure whom the evaluative method has determined to hold the power to recommend a packaging solution with a decisive influence on the purchasing decision ; he may be in charge of technical, marketing or purchasing matters as indicated by the positioning star. The "preconisator" may also be outside the film itself (advertising or promotion agency, packaging consultant,...).


    Who will take care of my project at Sleever ?

    The Project Manager will take care of your project. The Project Manager is the leader of the operational sales team and is specifically in charge of acquiring new customers on a definite market and therefore studying new applications with new prospects. The Project Manager is the client single contact. Top

    What is the sleeve concept ?

    The sleeve is a new packaging technique using a sheet of plastic to sheathe an item or container for its aesthetics, protection, promotion and labelling. Top

    What are the functions of the sleeve ?

    The sleeve fills, in the packaging, the protective functions (of packaging or objects, of the texts and decors) and package design function (aesthetic, information); in some applications in promotion (SEELPACK) it fills also a function of grouping. Top

    What is SLEEVER® System ?

    An integrated packaging system developed by SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL around the sleeve concept; the system encompasses a number of sleeve families, sleeving and shrinking machines, contract packing service, consulting in packaging and engineering as well as end result guarantee (SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL Charter). Top

    Is Sleever International a machines manufacturer ?

    Yes. At Sleever International®, the supply of equipment is a lasting commitment. A commitment backed up by a full range of services, covering the installation and set up on site to after-sales, including the training of your teams, line audits, spare parts and remote maintenance.

    The best proof of Sleever Machines expertise can be found in over 1200 machines currently operating throughout the world in the production sites of world-class food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical groups among others. Top

    Is Sleever International a raw material manufacturer ?

    Yes. At its production site located in south-west France, Sleever Technologies develops the physical-chemical and mechanical characteristics of thermoplastic polymer formulations. For each of these the division adapts the elasticity, shrink curve, softening point, transparency, thickness (± 3 microns) and mechanical resistance to create the performance level required.

    Among the most sought after characteristics are surface aspect, barrier properties (UV, O2, CO2…), special effects (holograms, soft touch), resistance qualities (shock, thermal effect, humidity) and recyclability. Over 50 exclusive formulations are currently available to create the Sleever range of solutions that can be adapted to your project.

    On what are based the tailor-made solutions ?

    Sleever® System guarantees our accurate analysis of marketing, technical and economic issues. It is the direct product of our extensive experience of sleeve technology backed up by dedicated divisions. Sleever International is a total packaging company: Sleever Technologies for films, Sleever Studio for prepress work, Sleever Labels for label converting, Sleever Machines for shrinking, Promosleeve which manages promotional operations and Decosleeve and Sleevpac entrusted respectively with contract decorating and packing solutions. All represent the varied facets of the expertise we offer our customers, backed up by a steadfast commitment to results : Sleever charter. Top