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From a flat printed film, the Sleever decorates the total circumference of the package. Top

Bar codes

The Sleever Technology has fully integrated the printing of all kind of bar code section. Top

Books of Specifications

The books of specification report all specific data about the customer's requirements in terms of marketing, production and engineering so that the feasibility or non feasibility can be evaluated for a sleeve packaging solution. Top

Certificate of origin

It is the guarantee of authenticity of a product assured by a personalization, of the SEELCAP, dedicated to every customer as obvious pression or to reveal a signature, a logo, a code, a hologram, and so on. Top


The SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL Charter is a System efficiency assurance for lasting compliance with the spécification and opération procédures designed for and with the customer. Top

Choice of material

To determine the specifications of the film to be used (among a range of surface aspects, thickness, shrinkage) according to specific marketing and technical requirements. Top

Contract packing

Packing operations that consists in regrouping products in the same packaging, for promotion operations. see Sleevpack. Top


Engraved cylinders are the basic tooling of the rotogravure printing technique used by SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL on its films. Top


SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL offers decoration and labelling of products to its customers especially for short series or seasonal operations (product tests, launching campaigns). This is done by SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL's Contract Decorating Division Top

Digisleeve ®

Digital printing Technologies for sleeves dedicated to small runs. The Digisleeve is representative of SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL’s printing expertise, giving the best result to products dedicated to consumer tests, and to promotional and collector items. Top

Diversity of colours

The Sleever can be printed up to 10 colours using either rotogravure, flexographic, silk screen or digital printing technologies, meeting all relevant graphic requirements. Top


Etisleeve is SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL’s response to the shrink sleeve decoration market. Designed to give 360° decoration around containers from 10 ml to 500 ml, the range of Etisleeve machines combines many benefits tried and tested by SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL. These include contiuous reel-feeding, rapid format changeovers with resetting, computer-controlled machine management, etc… All this coupled with the requirements of modern packaging lines : compact lines, flexibility, ease of maintenance. Etisleeve is a totally innovative approach to the development of packaging decoration offered by SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and miscellaneous markets. Top

Evaluative Method

The evaluative method is SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL's original method for the analysis of each case of application investigated for a definite customer ; it provides all operational data for appropriate offer quotations on technical, marketing and economic criteria. The evaluative method is based on very specific implements such as the "positioning star", the "interview guide-book", the "book of specifications" and various software programs. Top

Film formula

Film can be adapted to the packaging requirements for each product : over 5 formulas are available taking into account marketing, technical and engineering needs. Top


raw material Top

Half tone printing

The Sleever, flat printed by rotogravure, flexography or silk screen, perfectly reproduces shades of colors whilst respecting graphic requirements Top


Shrink sleeve with integrated holograms. Product for guarantee of authenticities, for protection against contrefactor, dedicate to premium products (spirits, perfumes,…). Top

Maximum printing surface

The Sleever is the optimum answer for designers as well as for legal requirements. It is flat printed and totally covers the primary package. Top


Graphic adaptation of basic document for an application to containers of sophisticated shape so that undistroted décor can be obtained after shrinkage. Top

Notisleeve ®

The Notisleeve, more modern and user friendly than the traditional paper leaflet, is the solution to the requirement for increased consumer information, and also the need to rationalize costs. Top

OPS films

Oriented plastic films made of styrene type polymers and copolymers. Range of more than 12 formulas with special requirements from 30µ to 95µ. Top

Packaging Engineer

The Packaging Engineer has the responsibility of advising the Project Manager for setting up sleeve specifications that answer the customer's packaging mix issues, i.e. appropriate marketing and technical specifications of the SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL product to be manufactured. Top

PET films

Oriented plastic film made of polyethylene terephtalate type polymers and copolymers. Range of films (10 formulations) to meet a wide range of customers requirements. Top

Plastic polymer

Through the diversity of materials produced (PET, OPS, OPE, TPE-G), Sleever International ® can respond to clients’ requirements such as recyclability, packaging regulations, pasteurization, … Top

Powerskinner ®

The Powerskinner® unit is especially developed of the shrinking of the Sleever on a packaging with important diameters differences (up to 75%). This linear shrinking applicator consists out of two parts together in one casing. Mechanically welded, the applicator gives the required rigidity to support casing. Top


The high-speed sleeving machine Powersleeve® continue the principles of design which have made a success of Sleever International machine : single structure, reel fed, transfer of products by scroll, synchronized sleeving, circular cutting movement, parameter setting, complete standardized guarding. They also incorporate the latest innovations introduced by Sleever international in terms of brushless motors, motion control cards, PLCs, fast changeover of format, line control and preventive maintenance. Furthermore, they offer a very wide choice of options enabling a very precise adjustment to each specific requirement. The Powersleeve range exists in different versions : Powersleeve Evolution I, II, III, and IV, Powersleeve Mono and Powersleeve Duo. Top

Powersteam ®

The shrink applicator in the Powersteam range using steam technology, guarantee a perfect shrink on empty glass or filled plastic containers. These fully stainless modular machines, which are completely guarded, are particularly intended for the beverage and sauce markets (mineral water, fruit juice, soft drinks, sauces, soups, etc…). Fully adaptable, they allow the shape characteristics to be taken into account, which are specific to each primary packaging, in such a way as to guarantee the quality of the final result. Top


The "prescriptor" is the operational partner, within the customer's structure whom the evaluative method has determined to hold the power to recommend a packaging solution with a decisive influence on the purchasing decision ; he may be in charge of technical, marketing or purchasing matters as indicated by the positioning star. The "preconisator" may also be outside the film itself (advertising or promotion agency, packaging consultant,...). Top


The Sleever International organization offers a large range of printing technics (rotogravure, flexography, silk screen, digital printing, and so on…), each of them dedicated to specific customers markets requirements. Top

Project Manager

The Project Manager is the leader of the operational sales team and is specifically in charge of acquiring new customers on a definite market and therefore studying new applications with new prospects. Top


Division of SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL dedicated to the development, management and support of promotional events. Top

Protection of primary packaging

The Sleever brings added protection to packaging by the very nature and properties of the material used. Top

Reverse gravure printing

That particular printing technique (on the inside face of the sleeve) allows an easy and efficient protection of the decor as direct contact with the container and a permanent crystal appearance. Top


A family of SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL products for the aesthetics and protection, especially tamper evident sealing or certification of origin, of containers such as jars, bottles, flasks ... The name SEELCAP is a registered trade-mark of SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL. Top


A family of SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL products for the aesthetics and protection of glass and PET bottles used for beverages (especially soft-drinks). The name SEELDRINK is a registered trade-mark of SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL. Top


A SEELPACK sub-family allowing a promotional "flyer" to be attached radially to a sleeved container, in the position of a flag ; this is a SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL patent for which SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL received the 1895 Packaging Award. Top


A family of SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL products used for promotional item groupings, couponings of other promotional techniques. The name SEELPACK is a registered trade-mark of SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL. Top


The Sensorsleeve provides mass market brands and retailers with an efficient way to fight shoplifting at source, in particular for items that are small, unusually shaped, or easily concealed on the person, which have been difficult to protect. Top

Shape constraints

Because of its shrinking qualities, and pre-distortion method, the Sleeve covers and decorates sophisticated shapes (coping with differences in diameter of over 80%). Top

Shrink Applicator

SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL designed machine for shrinking sleeves to containers or items through exclusive hot air processes. Top

Shrink Films

Oriented plastic films made of thermoplastic and/or elastomer type polymers or copolymers. Top

Shrinkage characteristics

Shrinkage characteristics are built into the film during its manufacture by stretching it under controlled temperatures to produce orientation. These films can shrink back close to their unstretched dimension at temperatures higher than the temperature of their orientation. The shape of the packaging at the development stage of the Sleever, certain characteristics such as the shrinking and softening point of the film, are critical.
The shape of the packaging at the development stage of the Sleever, certain characteristics such as the shrinking and softening point of the film, are critical. Top


Exclusive thermal process of SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL assuring the labelling of the sophisticated shape with differences of diameter over 75%. Top

Sleeve Concept

The sleeve is a new packaging technique using a sheet of plastic to sheathe an item or container for its aesthetics, protection, promotion and labelling. Top

Sleeve functions

The sleeve fills, in the packaging, the protective functions (of packaging or objects, of the texts and decors) and package design function (aesthetic, information); in some applications in promotion (SEELPACK) it fills also a function of grouping. Top


An integrated packaging system developed by SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL around the sleeve concept; the system encompasses a number of sleeve families, sleeving and shrinking machines, contract packing service, consulting in packaging and engineering as well as end result guarantee (SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL Charter). Top

Sleever Label®

Division of SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL for decoration, labelling and protection of products by a Sleeve. Top

Sleever Machines®

Division of SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL for conception and production of Sleeving machine and Shrinking tunnels.. Top

Sleever Technologies ®

Division of SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL that offers to customers mono oriented shrink films made of various polymers (PET, OPS, OPE, TPE-G, …). Top


A family of SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL products specially designed for the labelling aesthetics of packaging. The name "SLEEVER" is a registered trade-mark of SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL. Top

Sleeving Machine

SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL sleeving machines are designed for the automatic transfer of sleeves in reels onto the items to sheathe ; heat shrink operations are carried out by complementary machines called "shrink applicators"*. SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL manufactures standard machines as well as special equipment to match specific customer engineering requirements. Top

Special effects

Beyond the traditional printing, the Sleever by the adjunction of particular effects as holograms, fix-to-form, permits a personalization reinforced of the packaging. Top


Exclusive process performed by SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL on plastic films to give them the exclusive "mono-orientation" property necessary for appropriate sleeve shrinking.
Surface Aspects : The technical capabilities of the sleeve concept, thanks to adapted film formulations and printing techniques, offer a wide range of surface aspects (crystal, freeze, metallic...). Top

Surface appearance

The Sleever offers designers a new dimension through the various film formulas and techniques such as metallised, pearlised, frosted and fluorescent printing. Top

Surface effects

Visual or tactile effects of a packaging obtained after sleeve’s application. Obtained by the possibilities of the different formulations of films and the techniques of impression and completion developed by SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL (examples: aspects tarnished, crystal, opaque, metallized, etc.) Top


A sub-function of the sleeve protective rule : tamper-evidence consists in making any opening attempt obvious and irreversible as the sleeve has to be torn open ; this provides a guarantee of origin to the customer especially for foods, liquors, pharmaceutical or cosmetics. It should not be mistaken for tamper of pilfer proofing as it does not prevent the opening but makes it obvious. Top


Sleever International has developed dedicated TPE new films generation adapted to revalorisation and recyclability of the PET bottles. Top


The SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL sales force structure relies on the operational sales team, the packaging engineer and the system engineer working together for the implementation of the SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL system and especially for drawing up quotations ; this is called the "strangulation process". Top


A key stage of sleeve production when printed film is seamed into a tube through an exclusive seaming process. Top


Seelpack® sub-family is allowing two items to be sleeved side by side in a double seam sleeve that provides individual sheathing to each item ; this is used for promotional campaigns. This is a SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL trademark. Top

UV Protection

Sleever International® can propose special films to increase protection against UV rays. Top