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A fresh look at salads with Hellmann's 2-in-1 dressings

In 2004, the leading British mayonnaise brand, Hellmann (Unilever Bestfoods Group) decided to extend its range of salad dressings and create an innovative new line of recipes for warm chicken salads aimed at reducing the seasonal nature of salad consumption. Its two-in-one format and particularly original packaging earned it a gold prize at the Starpack Awards 2005*.

Turning salads into a year-round food

A market-leading specialist in cold sauces since 1905, the best known Unilever Bestfoods brand in this segment made no bones about its quest for innovation when it launched its range of Warm Chicken Salad dressings. By creating exciting Cesar, Thai, Tandoori and Italian flavours to jazz up the warm chicken salad, a staple dish for young working households and baby boomers because it is both quick and healthy, the brand wanted to break the predominantly summertime association of salads. Hellmann dreamt up a radically different packaging for this new range, combining shelf-appeal with convenience. Two glass jars - one for the chicken sauce and one for the salad dressing, are set one on top of the other and attractively bound together by SEELCAP® which combines tamper-proof and easy opening features.

The appeal and safety of SEELCAP®

This original marketing approach is founded on a combination of exclusive patented Sleever International technologies. The new 50-micron SI-PET-TG/050 film is particularly well adapted to the highly complex shape and the requirements of high speed and high volume production lines. In terms of design, the 360° communication surface offered by SEELCAP® is used to the full with presentation suggestions, recipes, visual identity and statutory information. The 10-colour cello-email printing uses a completely opaque special lacquer for the upper white area and an anti-marbling varnish applied on both sides to avoid any spots caused by the steam shrink technology.

A major component of Hellmann's sales forecasts of +58% within five years, the four new Warm Chicken Salad flavours delighted the taste buds of Britain right from their launch.

* The Starpack Awards are awarded each year by the British Packaging Institute for the most creative packaging.