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Danimals, the US version of Actimel

Kiddy appeal
On a market largely dominated by family-sized formats, Danimals aimed to appeal to the young consumers who drive the purchasing act by taking a radically different approach. The Danone Company selected a pack of four highly colourful and amusing little animal-shaped bottles. The difficulty however was in bringing the chosen characters - the swinging monkey, roller-blading dinosaur, mountain-biking bear and snowboarding polar bear to life.

Sleever exclusive 3-D Morphing technology managed to add vitality and spirit to the small complex shaped bottle. As a result Danimals were an instant hit with American and Canadian children and a new product craze was born.
A high performance design strategy
The exceptional visual quality of the Danimals range relies on an effective combination of cutting-edge technologies developed by Sleever International in a bid to accurately reproduce the four little collectibles in industrial quantities.

First was a mono-oriented high-performance OPS film specially adapted to bottles and designed to withstand application speeds of up to 24,000/hour, 24 hours a day and also the humidity conditions of fresh food packaging. Next, a 9-colour gravure print with two half-shades combined with the density of pigments and shine of the film gave the design its character and impact. Finally an advanced shrink technique designed to meet PEHD requirements is used immediately after the bottles are moulded on six integrated POWERSLEEVE® lines at Graham Packaging's Muskogee plant. Today Danimals also comes in an XL format with four new flavours and a WorldZoo with 7 new collectible animals. Danimals is a perfect example of Sleever intrinsic flexibility and its capacity to help brands implement regional strategies on a continental basis.