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Flunase, a high-protection nasal spray in Japan

GSK Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of GlaxoSmithKline decided to rethink the secondary packaging of its nasal corticosteroid Flunase, intended to alleviate allergic rhinitis. Objective: provide the spray with full protection through SLEEVER® instead of a cardboard box.

Decorate, inform and protect

Extremely well established in Japan for the treatment of breathing and skin allergies, GSK retails its anti-allergy nasal corticosteroid based on Fluticasone under the brand name of Flunase. This prescription-only medicine comes in two formulations (adults and children) and is designed to alleviate the unpleasant inflammation of the nasal mucous caused by allergens such as pollen, animal fur and dust mites. The British laboratory developed a packaging strategy to meet the particularly high requirements of Japanese patients in terms of packaging.

Sold throughout the rest of the world in a carton, the Japanese nasal spray, a much slimmer design, is supplied to GPs* encased in a beige and white SLEEVERCAP® which combines the functions of label, patient and doctor information and above all a tamper evidence which is an overriding priority in the Japanese market.


For GSK Japan, Sleever International® designed a total decorative solution which incorporated maximum safety, essential in all pharmaceutical processes. For this application, the 50-µm SI-PET-RF/050 film was recommended.

Thanks to its 360° printable surface, SLEEVERCAP® provides ample space for the required legal and product information (active ingredients, contents, dosage, usage) whilst fully respecting the product's colour codes. However the main challenge for Sleever International lay in resolving the opening method with a micro-perforation of the film, a point on which Japanese patients will not tolerate any defect. This extremely precise perforation is both horizontal and vertical. The product is processed at a speed of 10000 bottles/hour on a GMP compatible PHARMASLEEVE® type machine specially designed for pharmaceutical applications located in GlaxoSmithKline's Spanish plant.

The flawless finish and design of the new Flunase packaging were extremely warmly welcomed by Japan's demanding doctors and patients.

* In Japan, doctors distribute medicine while chemists mainly deal with OTC medication.