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SLEEVER® - ineluctable partner for effective marketing

There's nothing like a wide-scale marketing operating to enable consumers, particularly youngsters, to identify with brands. Hoop Kofola, Czech specialist of soft drinks for kids, has taken advantage of the event to re-look the packaging of Jupik, its cornerstone reference, and align it with the rest of the campaign.

In a highly competitive context and a constantly growing market, Hoop Kofola, one of the main players in Eastern Europe, is focusing on interactivity with its young consumers. The brand created the "Jupik Team" – a group of four virtual team members, each endowed with special powers (strength, IT genius, etc.). A bespoke website exists where consumers can follow their adventures, illustrated by the motto that can be summed up as "Together we are stronger!"

10 million bottles

With this device, Jupik soft drinks, available on the market for the last two years, intends to accentuate its visibility and increase sales by enabling 7-15-year-olds to identify with the brand. The operation features TV commercials, point of sale events, a web competition and brand new packaging, which is where Sleever International steps in. The group proposed a bespoke SLEEVER® solution that fulfils three functions: dressing the bottle and enhancing the soft drink, consumer info with the game announcement on the front and a promotion by way of a thermochromic printed peal-off label on the inner sleeve, which can only be removed after the bottle has been purchased. Once in possession of this label, the player places it on his or her computer screen and the screen's heat reveals a code so that players can move from one level of the game to the next on the website. The operation concerns some 10 million bottles.

Sold in Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia, the range features four 33ml bottles, each of which is decorated with the effigy of one of the four heroes, in three languages. The bottle design is the work of PND Futura.

Flawless technological expertise

This project, which represented a genuine technological challenge for Sleever International, involved in particular dressing the bottle – spherical in its upper and very curved in its lower section, and choosing and fixing the label.

The group proposed an SI-PET-TG/050 film, because of its finish and shrink properties – the bottle's complex shape required a shrink rate in excess of 75%. The sleeve was printed in 8-color helioengraving, one of which a base white, to which was added a simple micro-perforated access to the peal-off label on the inner side of the sleeve.

Sleever Studio was entrusted with all the pre-press stages and managed the anamorphosis aspect, particularly regarding the printing of the fruit and the strip of color between the bottle's two curved sections. The firm also provided the brand with advice relating to the choice of label, thermochromic inks and fixing the label.

Crucial advisory and development role

This innovation clearly demonstrates Sleever International's capacity to accompany and implement an economic and industrial process whose aim is a promotional event that does not incur additional industrial costs, but which reinforces the product's marketing appeal to the customer.