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Sales promotions and collector products

POS advertising plays a decisive role in the purchasing act

Over 50% of purchasing decisions are now made at the point of sale. After spending an average of 1 hour in a leading brand store, consumers spend 12% more than budgeted and buy twice as many products as initially intended.

7% of overall purchases benefit from POS advertising, but in the selective sector, this rises to a head-spinning 70%. POS communication has become a powerful sales booster, building traffic and triggering impulse purchases, encouraging the hand reach out and grasp the product.

Full-scale evolution of a premium sales tool

The objectives of POS advertising are many and varied develop and maintain brand impact, inform and kindle the consumer's interest, communicate an advertising campaign or promotional offers on the shelf, increase sales by triggering impulse purchases and stand out from the competition.

However, modern consumers are subjected to a stupefying 2,000 images and 20,000 visual stimuli daily, forcing this valuable tool to work harder than ever before to make an impact. New challenges mean new materials and tools and POS advertising has proved that it is far from wary of new technologies, as shown by the use of plasma screens and interactive devices to grab the consumer's interest.

The ace up the POS advertising sleeve

SEELPACK® embodies Sleever International solution to the final and decisive link of the POS communication chain, enabling the product to speak for itself and sending the message home with the customer. It comes in a wide range of versions to meet the need for differentiation, optimum maintenance, excellent shelf impact and tamper-proof requirements.

Promosleeve®, a division devoted to helping the customer design and implement promotional operations, helps the group play a decisive role in your POS strategy which extends to providing production tools, decorative services and contract packing facilities, in line with the project approach which is our strength and hallmark.

Source Popai, the Global Association for Marketing Retail