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Sleever® and Moët & Chandon crack open the champagne to celebrate the Formes de Luxe award!

Award - Reward - SKINSENSE Moët & Chandon

The prestigious Champagne House Moët & Chandon has used Sleever’s innovative know-how to decorate brut and rosé bottles of its Signature Impérial champagne. The successful result of this collaboration has been honoured with a Formes de Luxe award, presented in November 2020, at the 22nd ceremony of this unmissable event where luxury and packaging intertwine.

Signature Rosé Impérial, timeless effervescence

Decorated with a glamorous and sensual sleeve, Signature Impérial is a limited edition of Moët & Chandon’s brut and rosé champagnes. It follows in the footsteps of the Brut and Rosé Impérial champagnes and continues the tradition of a champagne house known for its history, elegance and prestige. The first bottles of this rosé were ordered by the emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and his mother directly from Jean-Remy Moët, the founder’s grandson. The oldest dates from 1878. As we enter 2021, this instilled character lives on, the winemaker’s craftmanship protected. Through its modern design, the Signature Rosé Impérial limited edition pays tribute to the joyful, decadent, seductive and extroverted nature of this festive champagne and places it firmly in the modern world. The bottle, with its decoration, speaksnof the voluptuous aromatic bouquet; with sight preceding taste, it is an integral part of the Signature Impérial experience.

A Formes de Luxe award to recognise and celebrate technical and artistic expertise

For more than 20 years the Formes de Luxe awards have celebrated packaging innovation in the luxury sector. Highly regarded and coveted, the competition showcases technical innovations, superior know-how and bold design. The list of prize-winners sets the tone for current and future trends. At the end of 2020, the issues that most drew the jury’s attention were eco-design and the link between creativity and sustainability. Out of fifty products, sixteen winners were selected. Sleever® was honoured in the “Covering Decoration” category.

Eric Fresnel, CEO of Sleever, responded, “Our challenge was to recreate the unique sensorial universe of the Signature Rosé Impérial on this iconic glass bottle. We proposed to link several of our product combinations, and the result both visually and intuitively matches the brand’s elegance and subtlety. We are proud of this award which recognises Sleever’s expertise, and very happy to share this success with the Moët & Chandon team. This success is proof, if proof were needed, that sleeve labelling can still surprise with the incredible range of customisation it offers, and by the superb quality of its finish.

Express and renew an iconic sensorial identity

Sleever® combined several of its innovations to decorate Moët & Chandon’s Signature Rosé Impérial limited edition. The challenge was both technical and artistic: it fell to the Sleever® team to accommodate the modern Signature bottle design and to reinterpret one of the champagne house’s historic labels, paying tribute to its heritage. In addition, there was an aspiration to create a label that was both tactile and sensuous, to give a subtle elegance to the finished product.

The visually arresting deep matt black, which recalls the colour of Pinot Noir and Meunier grapes and suggests a firmness on the palate, is generated by Mattblack. It creates a stunning contrast with the gold or pink metallics produced by Metalfest. This is where the lively character, the elegance and the sophistication of the wine is expressed. Lastly, there is a finely-detailed raised motif, accomplished by Skinsense, which lends a complimentary and differentiated tactility to the product.

The jury recognised Sleever’s technical expertise and innovation, achieving three finishing effects on a single sleeve and further enhancing them with a paintbrush effect, which subtly differentiates the matt black from the gold. They also appreciated that the adhesive-free sleeve label offers the possibility of easy separation from the bottle during recycling. Finally, they acknowledged the perfect placement and detail of the various shapes, which on a sleeve demonstrates great technical know-how.

Sleever®: a wide-ranging expertise for limitless decoration possibilities

Global reference and innovative pioneer in heat-shrink sleeve label technology, Sleever® works with companies in the premium and luxury sectors to create bespoke packaging with 360 degree graphics. Sleever’s expertise gives brands high quality solutions for decoration, protection and contract packing, for their standard ranges, special editions and promotional events. Having worked with the most prestigious and demanding brands for over 40 years, the international company, a leader in its field, holds more than 250 patents and exclusive formulations.

Its expertise in the complete value chain, from film formulation to engineering solutions, by way of the various print and finishing processes and the design and manufacture of machines and associated services, guarantees highly accurate and sophisticated results which are both stable and durable.

Alongside innovation and excellence, environmental responsibility is at the heart of Sleever’s developments. Its R&D teams, in close partnership with brands, work to create renewable and recyclable packaging, in order to meet current ecological and social expectations. With its broad range of expertise, Sleever® brings seamless and bespoke solutions to various demanding markets, such as wine and spirits, cosmetics, pharmacy and food.

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