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The sky is the limit

A hit with POS advertising agencies, SEELPACK® is an infinitely modular sleeve concept designed to deal with every facet of point of sale promotional campaigns. Not only has SEELPACK® become the benchmark of the classical promotional sector, its ability to provide maximum differentiation, optimal maintenance and tamper-evident features makes it ideal for most hi-tech operations, where it can combine cashback coupons, cross-couponing, gifts, samples, games, competitions, etc.

What's more it offers the significant advantage of representing the final link of your communication chain because the consumer takes your message home. Its lack of impact on manufacturing lines and unique ability to preserve a products design give SEELPACK® a cutting edge over alternative solutions such as blisters or boxes of all materials.

Sleever know-how means added value

Nurtured and created in line with market evolutions, in particular those of the wines and spirits, cosmetics, toiletries and housecare markets, SEELPACK® has a wide range of versions: SEELPACK®, SEELFLAG®, TWINPACK, TRIPLEPACK, SEELPACK® BRI, BLISLEEVE®, with solutions for every need from 2 x 0.507 fl oz (15ml) to 3 x 101 fl oz (3l), any type of material (glass, plastic, metal, card), even flexible, and a wide choice of shapes.

The concept is backed up by Sleever International expertise in the fields of prepress, printing, engineering (equipment dedicated to promotional operations) and logistics, not to mention contract packing. The group is equipped and eager to deal with your most complicated and sophisticated demands.

A range of assets destined to put the SEELPACK® at the Heart of your POS advertising strategy and which has already appealed to prestigious groups such as L'Oréal, Bacardi Martini, Lever Fabergé, and Reckitt.