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SLEEVER® Collector makes every edition unique

Determined to remain in tune with market needs, Sleever International has developed SLEEVER® Collector solution, that makes it possible to create promotional packaging by addressing every stage of development.

Limited editions have become a necessity for today’s brands. This trend affects every market from perfumery, wines and spirits to solid and liquid foods.

The development of original packaging solutions boosts sales whilst offering the final consumer a definite bonus. It is thus essential for brands to regularly create happenings around their brands. In addition, the creation of collectible packaging to celebrate the new year, mother’s day, Christmas, a brand anniversary, the seasons or sporting or cultural events adds a personalised dimension to products that is the testimonial to privileged customer relations. The use of different decorative packaging throughout the year also brings life to shelf displays and illustrates a brand’s drive and enterprise. Such limited editions become collectibles that are sought after and kept by customers.

An innovative global solution

The main obstacle to the creation of this type of packaging is often time due to the different stages inherent to its development. SLEEVER® Collector makes it possible to transform standard packaging into unique promotional packaging.

Sleever International offers its customers total project management, working as a unique partner and offering them its extensive range of know-how: Sleever Studio for the photoengraving, anamorphosis and prototype aspect, Sleever® for sleeve development and Decosleeve for finishing and decorative aspects. All of which combined with global supply chain services.

This rich innovative solution is adapted to all types of packaging whatever the material or shape. It is designed for effortless compatibility with the wide range of SLEEVER® finishing techniques: special raised 3D, mirror, dichroic, multichroic effects, etc.

SLEEVER® Collector provides the guarantee of an innovative solution that encompasses global project management by Sleever International, custom services and the full control of costs and deadlines. Many international brands call upon the SLEEVER® Collector solution, such as Ricard for its Vodka Wyborowa collectible series.