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Pentawards 2009: Sleever International reaps a harvest of rewards

The industry benchmark in terms of customization, collectible packaging and limited editions, Sleever International and its array of technologies works with the world's top brands and designers to transform their creative approach into reality. Nowadays limited editions have become an unavoidable component of dynamic markets. This trend affects all markets, from perfumery and fine wines and spirits to food, and has proven its significant capacity to boost sales. To imagine a collectible packaging, you need to be able to customize the products, which is in turn proof of a special relationship with the consumer. Sleever International has already taken part in prestigious partnerships by providing technological responses that meet the needs of brands and markets.

5 prizes pay homage to SLEEVER® achievements

During the Pentawards, the only international competition that rewards innovative packaging created or marketed during the previous year, Sleever International was awarded two Pentawards in the Luxury category, one silver for Christian Audigier's wine range designed by Barry Sutton and one bronze for the Rémy Martin Cognac collectible bottle based on a photo by David La Chapelle. Sleever International also received three other creative prizes: a Silver Pentaward in the Luxury category for the Clan Campbell limited series by Paco Rabanne (TBWA/Consulting) and two bronze Pentawards in the Beverages category for Malibu (The Brand Union) and Mona Lisa Champagne (P’Référence).

"Sleever International – Limited editions and collectibles" Prize

In proof of this commitment to designers, in 2009 Sleever International became a Pentawards partner. To celebrate the Collectible phenomenon, the group was behind a prize, awarded during the event that rewards original, attractive and technologically challenging limited edition packaging. Moreover Eric Fresnel, President of the Group, presented this first-ever prize to the agency Partisans du sens, for the wooden gift set of the Dom Ruinart Champagne special edition.

By this action, Sleever International wishes to contribute to progress in the collectible universe and to showcase truly outstanding creations.