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Spirits & Alcohol

Intoxicating growth
The world consumption of spirits has continued its double-digit growth, marked by a surge in demand from Asia of nearly 58%, expected to reach a staggering 264% between 2003 and 2008.
Local spirits (sake, cachaca, grappa, etc.) take the lion's share with over 65% of the worldwide market. Vodka, the queen of clear spirits, enjoys an 18% market share, while tequila, rum and cognac expected to increase respectively by +14%, +12% and +10% from 2003 until 2008.

Modern juicy flavors
The decline of traditional aniseed- and wine-based spirits continues, making way for more novel flavors.

Institutional brands are focusing on developing a hot nightlife image by redesigning bottles, adopting smaller formats and inventing unconventional cocktail mixes for the young adult market.

The modern liquor sector, characterized by easy-to-drink, unusual tasting aromas, is awash with launches of an increasingly wide selection of fruity concoctions (Manzanita Watermelon, Malibu Mango, etc).

Packaging: the trump card of spirits
In a bid to renew their image and consumers and surf on this wave of modernity, packaging has become vital to alcohol brands' marketing strategies.

Shelf impact, sales promotions, consumer safety, easy opening, physical protection of bottles, anti-counterfeiting measures, traceability, optimized production - such are the aces that Sleever International offers the spirits market.

Arguments which have already won over brands such as Wyborowa, Malibu (Allied Domecq), Terra Vermelha cachaca and Cognac Hennessy.

Source Vinexpo-IWSR/GRD Study