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Worldwide competition and infatuation

From the wines and viticultural techniques to new consumption patterns, wine is being globalised. Over 30% of the world's production is no longer consumed in its country of origin.

The general trend is towards an increase in consumption (+6.4% by 2008) with the most notable rises expected in the United States (+28.6%), South Africa (+21%) and the United Kingdom (+15.7%), where wine is making incursions into the dominance of beer.

In this vibrant market, producers from the New World (North and South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand) are increasingly making their presence felt by comparison to the Old World, which still accounts for ¾ of the global production, sales and consumption of wine.

As traditional wine culture is exported to the four corners of the globe and at a time when Sauvignon is as well known in Chile and New Zealand as it is in France, marketing is having to develop genuine brand strategies to create differentiated products. Faced with well-informed consumers or recent converts, wine has to be more seductive, modern and innovative.

Packaging - trump card of wine marketing

To face the challenge of globalisation, packaging has become a decisive weapon in the wine-producers' marketing strategy.

Shelf impact, sales promotions, consumer safety, easy opening, physical protection of products, anti-counterfeiting devices, traceability and optimised production... these are all provided by Sleever technology and have already found favour with brands such as Piper Heidsieck*, Castel, Chandon do Brazil, Georges Dubœuf and Boisset.

*The group has a decorating facility devoted exclusively to Champagne located in Epernay in partnership with Pierrel.

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