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Sólo Zumo, the crème de la crème of fresh orange juice in Spain

A breach in innovation

This diversification strategy had already begun to pay off because in 2004 the Dairy Food and Beverages sector represented 60% of its sales, but the group was far from content to sit back and reap the rewards. One year later the Spanish firm decided to invest in the highly competitive fresh fruit juice segment with an innovation: a 100% pure orange juice in a light, unbreakable PET bottle at a time when 80% of the market was packaged in aseptic cardboard boxes.

The final touch to this premium juice was an ultra-safe dynamic SLEEVERCAP® which simultaneously provided essential light barrier properties and proof of the products' authenticity.

A tailor-made SLEEVERCAP® solution

The exceptional visual impact of the Sólo Zumo bottle can be attributed to the combination of a highly unusual shape and decoration. Decorating this extremely curved four-sided bottle with rounded corners required tailor-made technological solutions from Sleever International.

A mono-oriented 50-micron SI-PET-TG/050-ZB film specially adapted to the complex shape and the humid conditions of fresh food storage was selected. On the decoration side, some particularly impressive morphing work was required, followed by 9-colour printing, including three half tones, to ensure the juicy orange segments dripped with freshness. Finally, the latest generation of steam shrink POWERSTEAM® equipment, designed by Sleever Machines for high-speed applications (15000 to 18000 bottles/hour), was installed directly after the filling stage on the Leche Pascual lines.

A major success in stores right from its launch, Sólo Zumo is now the premium brand of fresh fruit juices in Spain, with eight references in 200ml and 750ml formats.