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Sleever & Contract Packing

Capitalizing on corporate know-how

In order to concentrate on the heart of their business, many industrialists are reorganizing their operations by outsourcing. Between the initial product concept and its availability on the market, companies are seeking to streamline their functional and operational departments, suppliers and partners according to a common guiding principle: provide customers with maximum satisfaction and obtain optimal return on investment. In this context, packing represents a crucial phase between the manufacturing and retail stages.

A kingpin between manufacturing and retail

Nowadays it would be unthinkable to design a product without the marketing and technical support of packaging. From phials of vitamins and jars of cosmetic creams to bottled fizzy drinks, tubes of glue or blister packs of automobile repair kits, packaging is vital to a product and its future on the market. Companies now have the choice of farming out this key stage, leaving themselves free to pour their energy into the product's design, manufacture and sale.

Maximum flexibility and minimum rigidity

The choice of contract packing provides companies with the edge needed to make a difference on increasingly competitive markets. It however also means choosing the right partner and building a relationship based on trust. Contract packing firms offer solutions which cater to an infinite range of packaging formats and processes; they can be entrusted with pre-market runs, market tests or promotional batches without the manufacturer having to redesign or alter its entire production line.

Another bottom-line benefit is the contract packer's capacity to absorb manufacturing peaks. The contract packer can also responsibility for sensitive goods such as spirits by immediately adapting to new legislation, once again freeing the manufacturer from costly time-consuming economic, logistical and legal constraints.

Sleever International's services

Sleever International offers its customers this service by way of a dedicated division Sleevpac® which provides contract packing facilities for promotional offers for the wine and spirits, soft drinks, cosmetics and toiletries markets, capable of processing 150,000 batches per day. When you choose Sleever International, we seek to establish a lasting customer-supplier relationship, which of course means deadline punctuality and strict confidentiality.