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Maximum protection for Solan de Cabras mineral water

When it decided to adopt the 1.5l format, the famous Spanish mineral water Solan de Cabras, one of the Osborne group brands and undisputed Spanish market leader, chose a new unusually shaped marine blue PET bottle. SLEEVERCAP® contributes to the premium image, based on the water's unique mineral properties.

Jazzing up a conservative segment

Historically packed in a range of 1l glass bottles and 2l cardboard boxes, the owners of this well-known Spanish water wanted to increase its shelf impact by adopting the more widespread 1.5l magnum format without, however, affecting its premium position. The idea was to create a totally innovative new bottle in keeping with the high-quality image of this water, which has been state approved since 1790.

An opaque blue PET bottle was chosen for its barrier properties, and which preserves the water's medico-mineral virtues. On the shape front, in contrast with the slender curves of the 1l bottle, the new bottle adopted an original square design with very smooth flat sides, sharp angled corners and a waisted centre. The upper section in contrast to the dark blue body of the bottle and brand signature, features an opaque white SLEEVERCAP® which, for the first time in the mineral water market, integrated a tamper-proof, easy opening cap.

A combination of unique technologies

This ambitious marketing approach came with highly stringent specifications: low weight (42gr), opacity, resistance to humidity and high application speeds (34000 units per hour). To accommodate these needs, Sleever International® deployed a combination of exclusive technologies. SLEEVERCAP® was made out of a mono-oriented 40-micron high shine SI-PET-TG/040-Z film whose technical characteristics made it possible to achieve a transversal shrink rate in excess of 75% required by the bottle’s shape.

The 5-colour printing called upon two high-density backing whites so that the blue of the bottle did not affect the vividness of the white. Moreover it required a four-faced morphing technique of the entire visual due to the bottle's particularly complex form. The oblique micro-perforation of the seal and its high precision positioning (±0.3mm), rendered all the more delicate by the bottle's partial sleeve, is carried out at speeds of 18000 bottles/hour on multi-format automatic lines equipped with POWERSLEEVE® Evolution III type 130 SL 2V 300.

An immediate success right from the start, the new format has increased the brand's market share by several points and elegantly contributed to enhancing the premium image of Solan de Cabras, a 400-year-old brand.