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PR events or Sales Promotions at your POS

MySleeve, 20 seconds to leave a lasting impression

From PR events and international product launches to loyalty campaigns in retail networks, MySleeve offers you a unique, customised , turnkey solution that will make people sit up and notice you. Made-to-measure, premium and creative, it enables you to leave your mark with an exceptionally dressed one-off product . Your customers will be able to personalize it on the spot with a hand signed autograph or hand-written message using the special pen. While MySleeve enhances your product, the purpose-built screen, a made-to-measure media tool, broadcasts your message just when your customer is most receptive. 20 seconds later your customer leaves with a unique personalized product .

MySleeve® VIP, create individual bonds with your targeted audience

. PR events, product launches

. Your brand ambassador will sign your exclusive design for your VIP

. VIP will leave with a unique product and become brand ambassadors

MySleeve® Retail, boost your sales in your retail network

. Product launches and sales promotions for your on-trade and off-trade activity

. Your customer will personalize the chosen design for his (her) product

. Each customer will leave with a unique personalized gift

Concept Store MySleeve®

The first concept store MySleeve is open in Paris at 24 rue de Richelieu (75001 Paris) and welcomes you in this unique place dedicated to personalized collectors from monday to saturday 11am-7pm. You will find exceptional collectors to offer and discover the MySleeve solutions to support your brand marketing strategy.

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