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Digital Printing Technology

Revolutionary technology

In five years digital printing has carved out a niche in the packaging sector. This new technology, which emerged in 1993, has taken several years to adapt to the specific requirements of the packaging sector. The process means eliminating make-readies, films and plates and directly transferring pre-press data to the base material.

The result is a drastically simplified printing process, reducing the 10 steps of traditional offset printing down to only one. It's the ideal solution when a brand requires variable data printing (VDP) for short runs with reduced leadtimes.Today there are two main processes : digital offset, the pioneer, and digital ink-jet printing, which makes it possible to print on all types of materials whatever the thickness, and in particular to personalize large volumes of single runs.

More and more applications

The uses of digital printing in packaging is growing rapidly.From labels, the most developed application, to cartons, sleeves, sachets and blister packs, with focus on two main areas: short-medium length runs and prototypes. In the label sector, brands order exactly what they need.

Digital printing is particularly effective when a brand owner requires 500 copies of 20 different models, for example. The same is true for folding cartons, and it is now possible to customise a series of 50 boxes for 5000 different clients.

Another interesting avenue is the creation of new brand designs. Digital printing makes it possible to create packaging which doesn't yet exist within 24 to 48 hours in order to validate a future manufacturing or industrial decision, to obtain authorization to commercialise a product or simply for an advertising launch campaign.

Finally the creation of short runs of customized packaging for special events (sports competitions, concerts, corporate events, etc.) is another potential avenue as is the possibility of a product manager producing a prototype in just a few hours over the internet thanks to hexachrome*?

SLEEVER®, digital pioneer

Since 2002, Sleever International has been investigating how best to apply the countless advantages of digital printing to Sleever®.To do so, it called upon Digital Packaging®, specialists in this technology for pre-series and prototype packaging. In partnership the two companies developed an Indigo digital press solution adapted to the constraints of shrink sleeves based on Hewlett Packard technology.

DIGISLEEVE® was born, the first brand of sleeve in the world to be printed digitally. New proof of the group's capacity to remain one step ahead of the market's needs.

* Hexachrome consists in adding one green and one orange to the four primary colours to obtain 90% of Pantone shades.