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Contract Decorating and outsourcing

Market focused services

Products are essential, but what would they be without services? In a bid to offer its customers ever more, Sleever International provides contract decorating service in answer to the marketing needs for outsourcing of the food, particularly the dairy products, the drinks, particularly the wines, spirits and soft drinks sectors, the cosmetics and toiletries markets. A specialized division offers customized decoration of products for third parties.

The advantages of a sleeve film's world leader

When you entrust us with your custom decorating, we guarantee you flexibility, reactivity and quality but above all, we bring you peace of mind. This is because of our in-depth detailed knowledge of your business needs and processes based on thirty years of experience.

We can handle all types of projects from A to Z, including, in particular, market tests and pilot projects, a sector in which we have an enviable reputation. Thanks to our just-in-time organizational structure, we process orders in under 24 hours and launch new products in less than two weeks.

Outstanding quality and versatile logistics

Our production teams will offer you cutting-edge equipment for an automatic or semi-automatic implementation of your solution in plastic, carton, glass or metal containers, full or empty. All our finished products are controlled by an in-house quality department and our customers active in sensitive markets such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, for whom we have constructed white rooms, also organize operational audits.

Moreover, the group assumes responsibility for all the upstream and downstream logistics of your project, managing the seamless removal and reintegration of products into your process. To do so, we are equipped with the full range of packing facilities available on the market: cartons, films, pallets, pallet covers, floor and shelf displays, etc.

Our customized decorating services are provided by a dedicated division: Decosleeve, whose industrial capacity has been designed to meet the specific requirements and constraints of each market.