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Automotive Industry

Asia neck and neck with Europe and the US

With 62.5 million vehicles registered worldwide in 2004, a 5.5% increase in comparison with 2003, the international automobile market is showing signs of levelling out over the three main zones: Europe (33%), North America (32%) and Asia-Oceania (29%), following a serious expansion of the Asian markets. The growth areas are located primarily in Central and Eastern Europe (+23%) and Asia, particularly China, while the North American (50% utility vehicles) and Western European (85% private vehicles) markets have grown steadily but slowly (+3% in Europe). Western households, which often own two or more cars, devote almost as much of their budget to their vehicles as they do to their groceries, with "accessories, maintenance and repairs" leading the way.

Safety and comfort come first

This market sector, dominated by dealers and automobile accessory centres, has seen a sharp increase in DIY purchases. Consumers appreciate the highly diverse ranges offered by manufacturers and retail brands which are easy to use and install. Summer is a particularly frantic period as drivers get out and pamper their vehicles. Alongside the mechanical necessities (such as oil, lights and bulbs, batteries, brake pads, alarms, etc.), comfort is also a serious consideration. This can range from substantial items (including car seats, bike racks, roof trunks, trailers, etc.) and maintenance products to items devoted specifically to driver and passenger comfort. Neck rests, sun blinds, colourful fitted seat covers, drinks holders and air fresheners are all increasing in popularity with motorists. Of course, there are also those who like to go a step or two further and a growing number of aficionados are customising their vehicles.

Packaging spells it out

Rather than rely on the traditional dealer-driven service and Manufacturer-supplied components, consumers are on the look out for clearly labelled items they can easily fit themselves. In addition to safety and practicality, information is one of the key roles fulfilled by packaging in this market segment.

To meet the specific needs of the automobile goods market, Sleever International has developed a range of targeted solutions providing shape variety, multiple references, choice of materials, optimum surface communication, high production speeds and optimised costs, which have already found favour with market leading brands such as Total.

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