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Cosmetics Hair care : A thriving yet demanding market

Within the international CTP (Cosmetics, Toiletries and Cosmetics) market estimated at 115 billion euros, and growing rapidly across the board, hair care takes pride of place with 25% of sales. Boosted by the dynamism of emerging markets, in particular India and China which are literally exploding, the market is dominated by North America and Europe, which 31% and 30% respectively of the cosmetic sector; Japan follows with a 14% market share.

These countries are renowned for the demanding and competitive nature of their markets, with launches coming thick and fast; the market continues to grow but at a slower rate than previously. It is currently branching out to reach new targets: the middle aged, professional women, teenagers, ethnic groups, and of course, men; hence the substantial development of niche products.

Creativity wins the day

The shampoo segment, marked by massive promotional offers, is working on adding value to brands through genuine innovations. The major players are focusing on up-market products: treatment shampoos, shampoos for every hair colour, and above all anti-frizz products. The dividing line between shampoo's and hair care is growing narrower, and the market is expressing a clear preference for rinse-free formulations.

The styling segment (gels, mousses, lacquers, sprays, etc.) is closely associated with the world of fashion but has become increasingly standardised by the arrival of supermarket Own-Brands, and is now the scene of most creativity. New more "cosmetic" formulations aimed at the over-30s, unusual, fun formulations targeted at young people and an up-market, professional image for licensed products, are all being launched in a bid to win over consumers.

Colouring products, which have to compete with the professional brands used by hairdressers, are also on a quest for innovation in order to recruit and retain young consumers

Packaging - a major market component

New promotions, new containers, new shapes, new graphic identities - innovation is as much led by the contents as by the container in this market in a search for the key to consumer loyalty. Packaging must relay a campaign's sophisticated messages on a global scale; it must also be educational and informative to users, explaining clearly how a product should be used.

It is also thanks to a sustained innovation strategy that Sleever International is in a position to provide the Hair Care Brand Owners with solutions for printing quality, accuracy, shape, communication surface, special effects, tamper-proof devices and optimised packing which match their increasingly demanding requirements. Household names such as L'Oréal, Procter & Gamble, Henkel and Unilever are proof that this approach is highly effective.

Source AFII, Colipa Statistics Working Group