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Skin Care

A buoyant but highly competitive market

At the heart of the substantial Global market for perfumery and cosmetics, estimated at 115 billion euros, skin care ranks second with 23% of the total market, just behind hair care and toiletries (25% each). Driven by demand from developing countries, especially India and China which currently enjoy 4% of the total, the market is largely dominated by North America, Europe (31% and 30% respectively) and Japan (14%).

Growth is slowing down in these countries noted for their demanding but saturated markets, hence the introduction of products aimed at baby boomers, professional women, men, the youth market, and ethnic groups, as well as the emergence of innovative niches.

Pleasure and technicality

After the wave of natural products aimed at the tanning sector in the Nineties, the market trend of the third millennium is more towards sensuality, well-being and inner beauty. Protection (moisturisation, sun care) is increasingly a priority. In the thriving sector of anti-ageing products, still the market's main driver, Brand owners are seeking to offer some of the benefits of cosmetic surgery with increasingly technical formulations inspired by dermatologists (peeling, dermabrasion, etc.).

To prevent the "Mass-Marketisation" of some premium goods and maintain the Brand mystique, luxury creams are becoming increasingly expensive, almost to the point of inaccessiblity. Another trend is towards organic products following the consumer trend for authenticity, a return to fundamental values and respect for nature.

Packaging hand in hand with the product

With skin care as with perfume, the package is what "makes" the product: it must be pleasant to touch and look at, appealing on shop shelves and in the bathroom, quick and easy to use and innovative in terms of application. The package carries the formulation's promise.

To answer the specific demands of skin care brands, Sleever International has developed high performance solutions in terms of printing quality, accuracy, shape, communication surface, special effects, tamper-evident features, range extensions and packaging optimisation. As a result prestige brands such as L'Oréal, Vichy, Garnier and Beiersdorf have entrusted us with their packaging requests.

Source AFII, Colipa Statistics Working Group