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House Ware

The home as a new lifestyle expression

Whether for visiting family and friends, a party or for no particular reason other than a desire for a change of environment, home decoration is a thriving market. All the lifestyle commentators agree that the home now plays a central role in our social life. We increasingly invite people to our homes and we want our homes to be a warm, welcoming reflection of our characters. More and more people are making their homes come alive through a decorative style that expresses their lifestyle and personalities to create a specific atmosphere by setting a scene.

The home decoration market has naturally enough followed suit and the range of products available enables the homeowner to exercise his/her creative talents to the full. By mixing shapes, colours, lights and scents to create any particular mood - festive, warm, fun, reminiscent of a period or a region and change it as often as we like.

Reinforce brand identity and renew the offer

The home decoration market has registered a structural increase in demand and is becoming more homogeneous. The borders between the various segments (fabrics, coverings, period features, home fragrances, lighting accessories - the current stars) are breaking down to create coherent, unifying themes.

As a consequence specialised home decoration stores are popping up everywhere and doing a roaring trade. In this current buoyant climate, the market must nonetheless compensate for a certain lack of structure and strong seasonal tendencies. Hence the importance for brands to develop and extend ranges, assert product identity, deploy merchandising strategies, accelerate product rotation and trigger impulse purchases. Over the last thirty years, these objectives have been at the heart of the decorative concepts invented by Sleever International®. By adopting SLEEVER®, major home decorating brands such as Johnson have made their latest launches a success.