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Spices and Salt

Paprika, pepper and chilli rule the spice kingdom

With over 70 different varieties from all four corners of the planet, the worldwide spice market represents over 1.55 billion tons and was worth US$ 2.97 billion in 2004. Its modest growth in volume is off set by an average rise of 5% in value due to an increase in demand for high added-value spices.

Those areas most fond of spices are Asia with 30% of imports (Japan a clear leader of this region), the European Union with 21% and North America with 18%. China however, with over 13% of market share, has outstripped India (8.5%) among the frontrunners of exporting countries.

In the spice kingdom, chilli and paprika continues to represent 24% of imports in volume, followed by ginger (18%) and pepper (17%). However in value terms, vanilla ranks third.

Ultra trendy old-fashioned products

Peppers, spice blends and herb mixtures embody a new daily gastronomic culture, embraced by consumers in search of time-saving solutions, increased convenience, individual appeal and a wider range of flavours. They are on the lookout for exotic, adventurous tastes, hence the growing appeal of spices from distant lands and fusion cooking.

At the same time, spices satisfy today’s health conscious consumer (low-fat content, salt and food allergies, etc.) as they enhance the flavour of food naturally and authentically. Mixtures for omelettes, fish, grilled meat, vegetables, pasta and rice are the especially popular in this category because of their ability to turn a simple dish into a meal fit for a king. Salt is given a new lease of life too, with the launch of exciting new aromatic versions.

Combining convenience and appeal

In this overcrowded sector, spices need clarity and segmentation, particularly as most purchases are impulse triggered. Practicality of use and attractiveness (suitable for table use) are key factors of this segment’s packaging.

To answer the specific needs of the pepper, spice blends and herb mixture market, Sleever International has developed targeted solutions which take into consideration variety of shape, multiple references, choice of materials, tamper-proof seals, optimum communication surface, high production speeds and optimised packaging costs. Brand leaders such as Ajinomoto, Santamaria, Ducros and McCormick have already adopted these solutions.

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